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The Investigator Site of the Future

Author: Kurt Mussina, MBA | Peer Reviewed
Date: August 2017
Location: The Association of Clinical Research Professionals | Clinical Researcher
The investigator site of the future will look dramatically different than it does today. As the industry continues to seek to eliminate inefficient processes that slow patient recruitment and enrollment and complicate trial execution, sites will begin to evolve into more efficient engines of clinical research, complimenting and enhancing clinical care.

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Advancing Medicine by Routinely Offering Clinical Research to Patients

Author: Kurt Mussina, MBA
Date: July 2017
Location: 2017 Annual Medical Quality Report | Fresenius Medical Care North America
Clinical research is critical in renal care and provides a symbiotic relationship for everyone involved. Through better collaboration between patients, caregivers and research institutions, research can lead to improved participant health outcomes and a better quality of life.

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Rapid Study Startup: Streamlining Trial Site Activation

Author: Kurt Mussina, MBA
Date: February 2017
Location: Applied Clinical Trials
There are unnecessary redundancies and inefficiencies in the clinical research site activation process. As we examine these inefficiencies, we take a deeper look into the pillars upholding a successful rapid study startup system that can eliminate waste and accelerate site activation.

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Clinical Trials: Why They Are Important, How They Work and How You Can Get Involved

Author: Christina Kahn
Date: November 2014
Location: AAKP Renalife Magazine
Whether it’s through new or improved medicines, medical devices or treatment techniques, people with kidney disease have more options for treatment than ever. As we look to the future of treating kidney disease, we’re getting better at understanding how the disease affects people on an individual basis.

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Depressive Affect and Hospitalization Risk in Incident Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Eduardo Lacson Jr., Lisa Bruce, Nien-Chen Li, Ann Mooney, Franklin W. Maddux
Date: October 2014
Location: Clinical Journal of the America Society of Nephrology
Abstract: Recent studies demonstrated an association between depressive affect and higher mortality risk in incident hemodialysis patients. This study sought to determine whether an association also exists with hospitalization risk …

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Protecting Participants of Clinical Trials Conducted in the Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Brigid Flanagan, MS, RN, Sean Philpott, PhD, MS, Martin A. Strosberg, MA, MPH, PhD
Date: July 2011
Location: Journal of Intensive Care Medicine
Abstract: Research in the intensive care unit (ICU) raises a number of scientific and ethical challenges. Potential participants in critical care studies are likely to be considered particularly vulnerable — they may lack sufficient capacity to make informed decisions about trial participation …