Access to more renal data than anyone else

Frenova, a company of Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), provides access to the world’s most extensive database of real-world dialysis treatment data. After more than 25 years of collecting dialysis data, our database now contains historical data on 980,000 dialysis patients, including data from 183,000 who are active today. When it comes to CKD research, we have historical data on nearly 400,000 patients and provide access to more than 390,000 active patients.

Our bioinformatics and analytics services serve as vital resources for everything from assessing protocol feasibility, selecting sites and conducting targeted patient recruitment, to determining sample size and defining best practices. Frenova’s investigators and biostatisticians accurately and comprehensively analyze all aspects of dialysis treatment.

No other clinical development services provider works with a more intimate understanding of patients affected by kidney disease and its comorbid conditions than we do. When you need to conduct a complete renal clinical program, trust the partner that’s completely renal — Frenova Renal Research.

Bioinformatics and Analytics Services for:

  • Studies involving clinical variables and clinical outcomes
  • Defining best practices
  • Defining clinical problems
  • Exploring clinical targets
  • Elucidating outcomes associated with the use of certain clinical algorithms
  • Clinical processes/practices, medications
  • New technologies


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